Our Story

Every True Son Apparel was founded to provide Mizzou fans with quality clothing and accessories that showed enough support for Saturday tailgates but were still versatile enough for the other six days of the week. As a student, graduate, and fan, I always loved the gameday atmosphere Mizzou fans created, but yearned for more options to showcase my school pride outside of that setting. 

I wanted something that I could wear in to the office or out on the golf course. A symbol of my dedication and pride that would be fitting for a lazy Sunday on the couch or a fancy wedding on a Friday Night. Something that resonated with other Mizzou faithful. So the idea was born, but to be successful, I knew I needed help (and talented friends), which led to teaming up with my brother, Evan, and his wife, Kelsey. They're the best, and I love that this is a family business--from our family to the entire Mizzou nation.

Our Mission

Our products are designed with the discerning taste of modern Tiger fans in mind. We realize that with Mizzou now in the SEC, style and game day dress take on a whole new meaning and we're here to provide quality options for the best fans in the country. We believe in showcasing Mizzou pride whenever and wherever you can. Simply put - "Quality apparel for devoted fans from one alum to every true son and daughter."

Matt Snively  | Founder | Class of '05

Matt Snively | Founder | Class of '05

Kelsey, Evan, and Matt Snively  | Every True Son Team

Kelsey, Evan, and Matt Snively | Every True Son Team